Art to Inspire: 7 Prints to Inspire You in Your Workspace

Naturally, as the writer of a column called “art to inspire,” I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with inspiration each day – in your home and elswehere, but especially when it comes to your workspace. So here are seven suggestions for new office hangings to remind you of the things I am sure, deep down inside, you already know…

1. Live with Passion

2. Dream Big

3. We’ve Got to Live, No Matter how many Skies have Fallen

4. Trust your Instincts

5. You are so very Worthy

6. Change your Thoughts, You’ll Change the World

7. This is my Year

Looking for more inspiration? You can read past art to inspire articles here to get your week rolling. And if you feel so inclined, please share your favorite quotes and/or inspirations in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: 7 Prints to Inspire You in Your Workspace

    1. I have to say, that’s pretty low.

      Those designers & artists have put a lot of time and energy to create beautiful things to sell, and what you’re talking about doing is called STEALING.

  1. These are wonderful and very inspirational! I so agree with you in having sayings, art, affirmations and anything that keeps you grounded and focused on one’s goals!

    Mentioned on another post here, I use Megan’s: ‘Action is Magic’. and ‘I nurture the abundance and opportunities I am creating’ as post its on my computer so I see them at every everyday and read them to keep me going.

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