Art to Inspire: 5 Prints That Will Help You Get Through the Day

You have a lot of work to cram in to each and every busy day. Some days are good. Some days are not so good. And sometimes there is really just a tiny thing that separates the two. For those days when you are teetering on the edge, look at one of these prints and it will help you get through the day.

1. You Make it Happen by Virginia Kraljevic: Nothing like a little reminder that you are powerful enough to make it happen. Whatever “it” may be.

2. Break the Routine by Dazy Chic: Follow this list of L to-dos and you can’t go wrong.

3. Follow Your Bliss by Bubby and Bean: Follow your heart and find your own bliss. Don’t compare yourself to your neighbors. And be sure to check in with yourself everyone once in a while to make sure you are still on track.

4. Enjoy the Simple Things by Parada Creations: Don’t forget to take in those small moments and victories because if you don’t, they will simply pass you by.

5. Great Day also by Parada Creations: And finally, if all else fails, say it aloud. “Today IS going to be a great day!” Say it often enough and you might just start to believe it.

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8 thoughts on “Art to Inspire: 5 Prints That Will Help You Get Through the Day

  1. I love Jen Lemen’s quote: “You can dare to take that unspoken dream seriously”
    It was such an inspiration to go for my current adventure as an artist I made it into a free download for my mailing list.
    you can watch the video of me drawing it here:
    love to have this decal about family in my home: “In this family we do…” by urbanwalls

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing.

    Does anyone know a good book/website/e-class to learn how to do basic printmaking?

    Thanks in advance! Have an awesome day.

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