Art as a Mirror


Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind that this is Stephanie’s column and that the announcement in this post is hers and not mine!


Right now i’m creating something.

i’m not painting or sketching. i’m not even talking about making digital art or drafting a poem or short story. Nope.

i’m building a person!

Yep, i am expecting. And it is turning my creativity on its ear! i am definitely a person whose creativity is deeply affected by my current life experience. You can pretty much look at the history of my creative endeavors and know exactly what was going on in my life at the time.

Art is a true mirror to my world.

Right now, for whatever reason, i am on a little girls’ artwork kick. (and no, i do not know if i am having a boy or a girl)

Everyone and their mother has been telling me they think the little muffin in the oven is a girl. And despite my efforts to ignore the hype, its sinking in a bit. i find myself collaborating on little dresses featuring some of my artwork. Many thanks to Lil Blue Boo.


i’ve helped in the design process and been lucky enough to have a beautiful doll handmade for me by Apple Treehouse. (yes! its for me! and i might share with the new baby….maybe)

Apple Treehouse DOll

Even my commissions have baby girls on the brain! Right now, i’m working on a custom illustrated growth chart on a wood board for a beautiful little girl named Emily.

growth chart

The artwork at the top of this post, “Pixie Flowers”, is my latest piece and has a softer, gentler side of color than i usually put out there. But what can i say? i’m sorta channeling a bright white nursery with billowing sheer curtains, soft white fur rug and airy art like this in huge white mats with punchy, bright colored bamboo frames on the walls.

In about 3 weeks, i’ll find out if my peanut is actually a boy or girl.

You’ll be able to tell by any new work that i post after the verdict is handed down whether or not the majority has been guessing correctly.

It’ll either be more of the same femininity….or a major shift based on news of a little boy. i can’t help it. That’s how my creativity rolls.

addendum: the US map in the bottom of the last photo is my work and the finished print is available in my shop. thanks for the nice comments!

16 thoughts on “Art as a Mirror

  1. Stephanie, i’m loving the map artwork on the floor! is that your work?

    also, pixie flowers is gorgeous!

    lastly, OMG, congrats to you on your bun in the oven!!

    <3, kate

    1. hi katie! thank you so much for all the kind words! yes, the map on the floor is mine…i started a long time ago and have yet to finish. i will do so soon and list prints in my etsy shop though : )

  2. I think it’s a girl….or maybe a boy that will LOVE flowers and pinks and ladybugs! That would be amazing too! I’m so glad you are going to find out soon…..I don’t think I could wait until next year!!!

    P.S. I love the disclaimer at the top 😉

    1. i love tara’s disclaimer too! she’d have zillions of confused emails without it!
      i find out the future of my artwork (masculine inspired or feminine – haha) in 3 weeks. we shall see!!!

    2. yes…. I totally imagined my email box, twitter stream, everything filling up with well wishes about being pregnant. Not that I’m completely opposed but – no, right now I’m completely opposed 😉

      1. lol!! it was SO necessary! can you even imagine what my inbox would look like? and heck – i could even imagine my mom being confused for a minute!

  3. Stephanie, you are too precious… it has been a true pleasure getting to know you and work with you, and I know i speak for a lot of us when I tell you that we couldn’t be more excited for you and this baby (girl or boy!) I am grinning ear to ear for you right now 😀

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