Are you ready for change? Are you ready to dream BIG? I am

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I was going to write about happiness today. Had an outline and sources ready, but something happened.

I was following my morning routine, getting geared up to write which consists of checking. Checking email, news, blogs, you know the drill, and Seth Godin’s post from Saturday stopped me in my tracks.

Spinning off the dream wedding of the Royals Seth wrote in his always concise way about dreams. Not Hollywood and Princesses kind of dreams but the dreams of people like me and, I hope, you. This is the line that got me:

It’s so easy to be sold on the combination of compliance, consumption and approval by the powers that be. Of course, you’re entitled to any dream you like, but I hope you will choose a bigger one.

I have big dreams and during six magic weeks in March and April they got bigger. If you are a Scoutie Girl fan you are likely a Tara Gentile fan and so am I, so when she announced her new e-course The Art of Action early this year I knew I would take it. I was at a place in my online art business where I needed a huge kick in the butt and Tara delivers. In my intro to the class I wrote this:

I’m Gwyn, a full time artist and designer as of 2010. I built a website to promote and sell my digital collage prints( the end of 2010 and have been less than aggressive thus far. I am ready to kick it into high gear through blogging, shows, and publication etc… whatever works! Beyond that I am trying to make clear a vision I have to use my work as a means to educate and support causes in the area of trees and the natural environment. I am passionate about art, nature, books, and learning to see things from new perspectives.

I achieved so much more it’s almost funny. I accomplished a lot and I learned even more, about myself and about getting things done.

The most important thing I learned was to dream big and then dream bigger.

The most important thing I did was take a good look at myself and what I am passionate about and make clear that unclear vision above. What I am is a visual artist. What I am passionate about is nature and the environment, so I am now an Environmental Artist! I reclaimed my identity and got rid of PHOTO.WORKS, and I decided to expand my visual arts knowledge to embrace new media and forms of publication.

We live in a time where we can do so much and I am done peddling prints and waiting for someone to notice. I will put myself out there in such a big way I can’t be ignored. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with selling prints, but if you want to sell prints how can you do it in a BIG way, and if like me you have a nagging feeling there is something else you want, don’t wait for it to find you — go out there and get it! I won’t tell you this is easy, it’s not. I am working harder than I ever have and so far there is next to no paycheck, but I am happy and I know the pay check is on the way.

As for what I accomplished:

  • I entered and was accepted into 2 juried shows and won the second highest award at one.
  • I redesigned my website to reflect my new title and am redefining my goals and topics on my blog.
  • I am Guest writing here and looking for more guest writing opportunities.
  • I am contacting other environmental artists and arranging interviews and…
  • I’m on a mission to change the world!

This is my huge dream, and Seth’s post made me realize I was not pursuing that dream as aggressively as I must. The guide book for Scoutie Girl writers encourages us to “pimp our stuff,” so if I haven’t already Check this out! Journey to Confluence

What is your big dream? Before you answer that, ask yourself, Is that really all of it? Dream and then dream bigger! You can do it.

P.S. If you need a kick in the seat, registration is now open for round two of The Art of Action.

6 thoughts on “Are you ready for change? Are you ready to dream BIG? I am

  1. Seth Godin does have a way of stopping you in your tracks!
    Congratulations on your achievements so far Gwyn. It’s amazing how much you’ve done in such a short time.

    My dream is a simple one. To show that you can live outside of the system. You can do what you love and make a career out of it. And most of all, that you can live without fear, if you choose to.

    Good luck with your mission Gwyn, I’ll be supporting you all the way 😉

  2. Great post Gwyn! I must read Seth’s post on Dreaming Big…

    @Alison, just love the ‘live without fear’ – I will do that today as I go one step further in my new art task for today. 😛

    I have already signed up for taking the Art of Action course again. Not because I failed the first round – au contraire, but to take it – “my amazing experience”, even further with growth of my artistic career!

  3. Thanks my Action Art friends!

    “You can live without fear if you choose to!”

    Hell yes Alison. That is a simple yet BIG dream. So many people are living in fear. That is a piece of my mission too.

    Leah I think taking the course again is great and I may at some point. I expect it will get better and better! I so miss the phone calls :-)

  4. Gwyn – this is an amazing post and I can relate completely. I, too, am on a mission to change the world through my art/products. Frankly, I am at the point of figuring out what to do, next steps, etc. But I long for the day when I feel as though I’ve “made it.” Your post is inspiring to me, allowing me to see that I’m definitely not alone. Thank you for that. And I wholeheartedly agree/feel that you should do what you are passionate about. One life to live, make it one worth living.

  5. Thank you Maria! Thank you for getting it and for doing it. We need to go for the big dreams and small ones alike in these times of change and uncertainty, more than ever.

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