Are You Feeling a Bit Weird Lately?

Are you feeling a bit weird lately?

I hear many people in my circles talking about something weird happening in their emotional fields. They describe this weirdness as having a serious impact on their creativity.  They also describe feeling unusually tired.

I sense it, too. I’ve had the strangest week. My productivity has been affected. My ability to concentrate on one task has waned.

As I sit here writing, I look out my window and am struck by the last colours of Autumn. The deep green of the holly and yew leaves, the rust like orange of the beech trees, the bare twigs of the silver birch tree that stands strong and naked.

What might this changing season be reminding us of?

Every morning I have a habit that is not helpful and I’m working to change it but to do so I’ve got to let go of my old way of working.  This reminds me of the letting go of the leaves on the trees.  It’s not forced, it’s a natural evolution.

I, too, cannot force new habits to occur.  If I try and force something, it never works because the energy is all wrong.  Instead, I have to find my own natural evolution and reason to change.  I need a compelling invitation.

What normally happens…

As I sit down to my computer, I routinely check my email and Facebook.

I notice that each time I do this, I’m taken away from my centre. I’m lead down a garden path of offerings and musings which leads me into a maze of comparisonitis.

Today, as I write this I’ve changed this habit.

I’ve been inspired to do something different.

I looked at the cost to my creativity of adopting this old way.  I saw how the noise makes me spin.  I owned my creative sensitivity and made a new choice.

I downloaded the most amazing writing tool, Ommwriter, and the sensual experience it provides as I write this has transported me into another world.

I am in love with writing today. There is no noise. No distraction. Only the sound of beautiful music and the noise of the keys. I’m in heaven.

So what does Autumn teach us?

In this flurry of activity that’s taking over the internet as people get ready to sell planning products, set intentions and push themselves to move forward differently next year, autumn teaches to let things fall away. To prepare to root. To nourish ourselves.

We try so hard to push beyond the emotional field we experience. We forget that wisdom is everywhere, guiding our creativity. For me Autumn has lead me to return to my centre and write from my heart. To switch off. To allow this feeling of falling away, of coming to a close and to prepare for new growth.

Autumn has lead me to a conscious choice not to push or force next year’s agenda because others are jazzed up about how next year might be even better.

I’m choosing to allow my vision and truth to evolve over the next few weeks, at my own pace.  I’m going to be with the discomfort of not having complete clarity. I’m going to celebrate all the things that have worked and haven’t – celebrate the whole shebang.  I’m going to let old ways fall away and decide what new ways I want to come in. Above all I’m going to resist the urge to chastise myself for not being enough in some way, for failing to meet my perfected ideals and instead start falling in love with myself and my creativity a little more.

In practical terms the guidance I feel is this…

  1. Take stock of your creativity and explore what habits have nourished you this year and what ones really need to go.
  2. Surrender to that feeling of tiredness that’s out there. Nourish yourself. Get plenty of rest. Eat root vegetables. Drink plenty of water.
  3. If you’re pushing too hard, stop. Don’t look for reasons why just allow it.
  4. Develop trust in your creativity. It’s a soul that’s needing nourishment. Feed it in the way that only you know how. For me that’s quiet times. Feeling the ground under feet as I run. Experiencing the extremeness of the weather systems and using them as guides to inspire my thoughts.

I wish for you creative nourishment.

Let go of resistance and come home to the creative soul that’s always there, waiting to be heard.  Your soul’s whispers will guide you home and from that place deep inside you, you will know your next steps.

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