are you doing those things that make you happy?

In our work to get where we’re going, sometimes it’s the simple things we leave off our list, the things that we tell ourselves we’ll do later. And sometimes doing these simple things — the things that just make us plain happy, and remind us why it is we are doing whatever we are doing – are just the things we should be doing, for our well-being, for our health, and for our success.

So every day:

Do those things that make you happy.

Do those things that make you want to get up and do a little happy dance.

Do those things that make you feel five years old all over again. Remember bringing home a drawing that you spent an afternoon making in kindergarten, a drawing you loved making from start to finish, to give it to your Mum.

Do those things that make you grin so wide, that your eyes get squinty and your face feels a little stretched out afterwards.

Do those things that you put at the bottom of your list, because there’s more important things, like balancing the checkbook or picking up the dry-cleaning, sweeping the kitchen floor or meeting a deadline. Turn the list upside down, and do the *fun* things that might be at the bottom of it, too.

Do those things that you wake up thinking about.

Do all of those things because they feed every other little thing you could possibly have on your list of must-dos, to-dos and need-to-dos.

Do those things that you are moved to do because they feed your soul, your imagination, your spirit, and your chi.

Just do those things that make you so very uniquely You.

We’d love to know what some of your “do those things” are. What are the things in your life, in your work that fill you up to the brim and keep you going?

One thought on “are you doing those things that make you happy?

  1. Ah, Liz – timely post. I was at an artisan show this weekend and we were all lamenting on how we don’t “play” in our work enough – we leave it to last! I was talking about scheduling a play date, even with yourself, so that you can play with all those things you want to try.

    Two small things that keep me going – fresh air and other people. I live and work alone, so getting out is important.

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