april is stash bust month!

stash bust month

april… april fools… april showers… easter… taxes… earth day!

what are you doing this month to celebrate the earth and be more conscious of your impact on the planet? scoutie girl is so lucky to be participating with an amazing group of blogs in the “april stash bust!” here’s the idea, we’ve all got major stashes of craft supplies, leftovers, and discards. your goal is to take a look at them and see them in new ways. what can you create using only what you already have in your stash?

here at scoutie girl, you know we love to get our eco-friendliness on – and this idea was just too awesome to pass by!

i’ll be sharing interviews with artists & crafters who do some of their best work when using what they’ve got and seeing supplies in new ways. there will even be a few tutorials for simple projects that you can do to use up common craft stash items!

in the meantime, check out the other participating blogs, the stash bust contest, and stash bust swap!

And to encourage you to do the same we will be hosting an April Stash Bust contest!

To enter, take the Stash Bust pledge to not buy any new materials, tools or supplies for the month of April. Place the awesome April Stash Bust badge (created by Liz at cosa verde and available at the Stash Bust home page) on your website or blog. Create a project from your stash using only what you have on hand. Submit your finished project detailing the stash materials you used with a link to your finished project by Earth Day, April 22nd. A team of crack judges from x, x and x (to be revealed) will review the projects and choose a winner.

So what could you win?!

A lucky creative type will receive:

Other April Stash Bust Events:

I hope you take this opportunity to challenge yourself and your creative vision in an effort to be more conscious about the products we consume as crafters & artists! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

3 thoughts on “april is stash bust month!

  1. Fun! I actually have been starting to incorporate my scraps into my designs. I’ve been using them as decoration on new designs

    It’s fairly appalling exactly how much waste is generated when you sew garments, and traditionally it all just thrown away. If I weren’t keeping all of my scraps so far, I would have already tossed about 8 shopping bags full of cloth bits. Thats in just 3 months of sewing. And I’m not ‘big time’ by any means of the imagination so it’s even worse to consider how much major factories might be dumping.

    I’ve already used reclaimed scraps to make my hang tags, and to trim a couple of tops, but my big endeavor will be a ruffle dress (or skirt, haven’t decided yet) that is made from ruffles of reclaimed fabric.

    Maybe I will get it done in time for the contest? 😀

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