answers to your burning questions: part 2

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Last week, I shared 9 answers to your burning questions on 3 different blogs. This week, I’ve got 10 more answers on 4 new blogs – plus – 2 guest posts on 2 more blogs.

What can I say? I get around.

On Kristen’s blog, I’m answering:

  • What do you think the future of online commerce will look like?
  • What changes have you noticed in the online craft community since you’ve been blogging?
  • What is one of the biggest mistakes you see new crafters/artists make when they venture into selling their work online?

On Elizabeth’s blog, Letters from a Small State, I’m answering:

  • How do you SEE the world?
  • Where have you traveled that has impacted the way you think and why?
  • If you had to leave your house right now forever, what would you take for yourself in one small duffle bag?

On Alicia’s blog, I’m answering:

  • How do get the most mileage out of media coverage?
  • What are your best strategies for getting over that “hump of fear” to get those scary biz things done?
  • Aside from Twitter and FB, what do you think the best newest social networking sites will be for 2011?

And on Oh My Handmade, Jessika wanted to know who/what/where inspires me? Read my answer.

On Women in Business, I shared a post on a topic that’s near & dear to my heart. As women entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to “play a part” or fill a role instead of finding our own path & our own success. I know that I’ve struggled with this and I think you might have too. Read my thoughts here.

And finally, I shared a little of my social media philosophy on The Mogul Mom. Find out what I have to say about building a community using social media.

4 thoughts on “answers to your burning questions: part 2

  1. It was so much fun to get to ask you these questions! I learned a lot from your response, especially about people trying to get it all right before they put themselves out there. And that oh so mysterious purchasing funnel :) (which I am trying to get better at understanding).

    Thanks so much!

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