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scoutie girl is 3 years old today! i am so thankful that jan created this wonderful space for us to meet daily & share great handmade stuff. and it’s about my 1 year blogiversary of working towards this blog-thing as a full-time venture.

the new year is a great time to start things, apparently!

not only am i thankful for jan, i am so very thankful for you, dear readers. what is a blog without readers? well, actually, it’s still a pretty great thing! but a community of readers, makers, doers, artists gives a blog a whole higher level relevance. so thank you for visiting, for sharing, for participating, and for returning day after day.

2010 wall calendar

to celebrate, jan – daisy janie – is offering 3 (one for each year of SG!) of her signature calendars to 3 lucky readers. and i’m going to sweeten the deal a bit by adding a month of advertisingfor each winner. if you don’t have a shop or other indie biz, don’t worry, recommend your favorite shop and i’ll pass the gift on to them!

here’s how to enter:

  • leave a comment here and let me know why you love scoutie girl. sure, it’s self-serving but, ya know, i love hearing it and i’ll learn something too!
  • for a second entry share this message on twitter: “i love #scoutiegirl because [fill in your answer here]”
  • giveaway lasts until tuesday, january 12, at 11:59pm eastern.
  • 3 (three) winners will be announced here and will have 24 hours to claim their prize.

good luck!

101 thoughts on “anniversary!! (+ giveaway)

  1. I’m totally in for this. Those calendars are so fresh! (Advertising would be kind of nice too!)

    Why do I love Scoutie girl?

    1. Because you actually do “scout” out some really cute stuff
    2. The blog is bright, cheery and easy to navigate.
    3. You support handmade arts

  2. Happy New Year!

    I love scoutie girl because, in this world of cookie-cutter houses, cubicle farms, and other compulsions to conform, your handmade finds and one-of-a-kinds speak to those aspects of our personalities that are satisfied only by originality.

    And all the things you find for us are sigh-worthy! Thanks for all you do!

  3. I love Scoutie Girl because I’ve found so many great independing shops through the posts. My Etsy favorites list is growing and growing. Thank you for helping to get the word out about all these great artists!

  4. I agree with Patricia – I love SoutieGirl because you do such a fabulous job of finding new talent. You’re also pretty damn good at presenting personal stories in such a polished, professional way!


  5. i love scoutie girl because of all the amazing people + places i’ve seen here! i’ve been introduced to some pretty awesome artists + makers on these pages. I also love how accessible + friendly the vibe is over here, i always feel at home. does that make sense? oh, and the features! i like how each contributer brings a different angle, but all toward to same goal of introducing fabulous indie finds. thanks jan for starting it off, and tara for keeping it amazing!!

  6. Not only do you find new and exciting handmade finds but you keep to your distinct aesthetic and that’s what makes you unique and makes you Scoutie Girl. Keep up the great work!

  7. I love Scoutie Girl for the beautiful daily shot of inspiration and fresh finds! I’m in love with the way you have carried on Jan’s voice and expanded it with your own unique voice.


  8. Why do I love Scoutie Girl? Because there’s a truly unique collection here…inspiration, shopping goodness and eye candy if nothing else. It’s wonderful.

  9. I love those calendars!
    I also love Scoutie Girl. Why? Because it shows me things I can’t find anywhere else and gives me something pretty to look and dream about at work!

  10. I love Scoutie Girl, because you some me stuff that I would have never found without you. My Etsy fav list is growing and growing. Thanks for a helpful and informative blog!!!

  11. I would love a pretty pretty calendar for my workspace. :) I love Scoutie Girl for so many reasons, I find a lot of beautiful items featured, much inspiration, & great writing.

  12. “I love Scoutie Girl beeeeecaussssssssse…” (I sound like my 8yo when he’s doing his writing assignments!)

    Seriously… SG is, was and ever shall be an awesome place to see all things wonderful and handmade. Great features, great writing, great taste. Great site.

  13. happy birthday scoutie girl!!

    1. i love scoutie girl b/c your you! (that means i love you tara!) :)
    2. super love SG because you give a voice to rising artists
    3. i love SG b/c anytime i needed a boost of inspiration- i know right where to come.


  14. I love Scoutie Girl because you (and Jan before you) truly do a great job of digging up wonderful finds — often of beautiful creations that I’ve never seen before — and, what’s more, offering a peek behind the creations at the process and the creators. Thanks for your hard work, and happy anniversary!

  15. i’m a hobby-crafter but mainly just an “etsy enthusiast”… i look to scoutiegirl for gift ideas and inspiration. tara has impeccable taste!

  16. I love scoutie girl because of the awesome creative ideas and how it encourages me to broaden my horizons as an artist and crafter. Plus I just love the way this site looks and feels. :) Awesome!

  17. I love scoutie girl because the quality of the blog content is very high. The finds featured are all fantastic and you can tell a lot of work is put into each post.

    Happy Anniversary/Birthday Scoutie Girl!

  18. I love this blog because it introduces me to new fun stuff and ideas that I otherwise wouldn’t have encountered!!

  19. What a wonderful giveaway. Well, I just found your site, so I don’t have blog memories as I’m sure a lot of folks do. What I can offer is my first impression–those are worth something yeah? Right off the bat, this looks like a friendly place. I like the bright, vibrant layout and the premise of course :)

    Thanks for the chance and congrats on your success!
    Kelly @ TLE

  20. I enjoy reading Scoutie Girl b/c there’s more than one interesting post to read every day! I like seeing a broad range of designers and artists and crafters and the amazing things people create.

  21. I love scoutie girl because she actually find the things that are interesting, useful and wonderful made and shares them with this community.

  22. I love this place for bunches of reasons, but especially that a) you find great artisans for me to check out, and b) because I am inspired to hone in on my own craft and make my shop/blog better. go handmade!

  23. I love Scoutie Girl because you allow me to come to one site and find all sorts of great homemade crafts. You find stuff that I probably never would! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Happy birthday to a wonderful site! I love Scoutie Girl because of great finds, great format, great idea! {not to mention I was thrilled to be featured in flickr fest the other day!

  25. Happy Blogiversary! Though I’ve only been reading Scoutie Girl for the last month or so, I love the cool, handmade stuff you find…it’s so inspiring for my own work.

    Also, I love that you’re from PA, like me! (I found you via Handmade in PA).

  26. Congratulations!!
    I L-O-V-E Scoutie Girl because of the awesome things that you find, they are out of the ordinary, which allows me and probably a lot of us to see something that we really like, but had no idea that it was out there, or even exsisted until you brought it to us here!

  27. Lovely give-away.

    I like the blog, because it features lovely handmade goodies I wouldn’t have discovered myself.

    The general look of the site is also bright and beautiful, even though I’m not that much a fan of 3 column blogs :)

    Keep up the good work. May many anniversaries follow :)

  28. Congratulations Scoutie Girl, Happy 3-year anniversary!

    I love your blog because you give a voice to so many wonderful independent labels and artists. I’m truly valuable.

  29. I’m a new follower of Scoutiegirl and so happy to have stumbled upon it.
    Why? It’s a daily shot of talent, beauty and inspiration, laid out before our eyes in the warmest and friendliest manner. I couldn’t ask for more.

  30. I love Scoutie Girl because both Gals are incredible champions to the indie artists of the world! You guys ROCK!
    You both also have an incredible eye for layout, and a talent for finding awesome stuff!

    Thanks for all you do! Candy

  31. I love SG because I can rely on the site to provide me with eye candy, most of it from places I’d never run into otherwise. I get so much inspiration from the posts here, and I love the professional layout and design.

  32. This is my first time here, I need a 2010 calendar so that is what honestly brought me here.
    I like what I see, I like to go to one place a hub if you will and surf from that one location. It seems that is how you have it set up.
    I have seen things that will definitely bring me back.
    I love different and unique finds and this seems like you might just have the corner on the market.

    It looks like you spend a lot of time trying to fulfill the desires of your readers.
    Great job.
    I will be back.

  33. I love Scoutie Girl because it’s inspirational! As a new mom, I don’t have much time in front of the computer. Each time I check in with Scoutie Girl, I see new creative project ideas (and good gift ones, too!) that I really enjoy. I wouldn’t have the time to dig them up otherwise. Thanks!

  34. I love scoutiegirl because I really get a sense of Tara’s passion for supporting artists, crafters and designers, living conscious of our impact on the world. The posts here almost always elicit some emotion from me (usually ‘squee-ing’ with delight as in OMGthatssounbelievablyawesomeineed10ofthemnow) and make me think…and ultimately fall in love all over again with the indie craft world.
    *contented sigh*

  35. I love Scoutie Girl because:
    – your posts are unique
    – you have great ideas for projects
    – your shop reviews and finds rocks!

  36. I love the look and function of your front page … you can see a bunch of posts at once without scrolling and pick which ones to look more closely at. It also looks really nice :)

  37. There is always something on Scoutie Girl that inspires me. I love that craftsters and artists are supported through your blog.

  38. It’s my first time visiting this site but I’ve got to say I like Scoutie Girl because it seems like you know what you’re looking for. There’s new talent on every page, and it’s GOOD!

  39. Scoutie Girl is my very FAVORITE indie design blog. Seriously, you are my first port of call, when needing an extra dose of color, ideas, and all things indie design.

    WHY? well that is a bit harder. I think b/c there is something new every day and you seriously beat my ruler on buying books and magazines (if you know you will get 2 -3 good ideas it is worth it).

  40. I enjoy Scoutie Girl because it’s so committed to promoting awesome indie businesses. It’s most appreciated! Thank you and congrats!

  41. I love the fresh creativity and design featured on Scoutie Girl. It’s so nice to see a virtual community of people who celebrate and value handmade arts and design.

  42. I think I love Scoutie Girl because you are really into the community aspects of blogging, indie businesses, and creativity. I find myself coming back not only for the great product but to admire all the great connections and people who contribute too!

  43. I love Scoutie Girl because I can always find amazing handmade items here. Sure, I can go to etsy and search but somehow you always seem to find the very best stuff! Plus, your posts always inspire me.

  44. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you, 3 years of fantastic work!

    I love Scoutie Girl because of all the treats you serve up, for how good you are to us all in the handmade and indie business and because you tell people’s stories, which makes it so much more real and interesting.

    Happy Birthday, Scoutie Girl!

  45. I like scoutie girl because you find and share such great inspiration and new artists. I can always come by and find something new!
    melissanancy at

  46. I may be new to Scoutie Girl, but I am already head over heels in love! Scoutie Girl incorporates both handmade AND vintage. Being a vintage collector (and shop owner) I am always on the lookout for new sources. I loved the Miss Modish post! Thanks to Scoutie Girl I now have a new favorite in my Etsy folder. Yay! :)

  47. I heart the site because of all of the unique ideas that inspire and stretch me. It’s such a wonderful site to see and connect with others in the indie handmade world. Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

  48. i love scoutiegirl because you find some of the most fun, unique and stunning handmade products to feature! your blog also looks fun and cheery to visit…i would not change a thing! :)

  49. i love scoutie girl in way too many ways to count! your content is honed & fresh; your voice is as passionate & sincere as can be; your layouts are pleasing & mod. can’t think of any other indie blog that’s forging ahead yet staying true to handmade like scoutie girl! (and that little 3-legged dog up the road is cute, too!)

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