and now for something a little different: gretchenmist

gretchenmist - minimal collage

gretchenmist - collage supplies

gretchenmist - minimal collage

belinda kemp’s (aka gretchenmist) style is recognizable at a glance. soft colors, subtle textures, minimal compositions. i love how very different her collage work is from the others that have been featured here this week.

here’s what belinda has to say about her work & inspiration:

to me collage is about capturing the emotional essence of an idea or a landscape and discarding the rest. i love the surprise that comes with putting the pieces together.

sometimes when reading magazines I see pictures as a blur ~ i see the colours and shapes in the images rather than the images for what they actually are! by using these elements together with other pieces they become permanent and visible, rather than hidden away in closed magazines.

12 thoughts on “and now for something a little different: gretchenmist

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  2. I love this! The picture of her materials, with the pieces of hole punched paper, remind me of these crazy collages I used to do in high school… I’d cut single words out of magazines and then cover a whole sheet of paper with the single words. I should see if I still have one of them and scan it… I love really meticulous detailed craft work… always have.

  3. wow this is lovely. intricate.
    the first picture is inspiring me, especially.
    i’m imagining such a collage-inspired design in quilt form.
    much planning will have to go into this project.

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