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I love the shop Alma Pottery on Etsy.

I found the drawer pulls to be whimsical and interesting- just like the proprietor!

Can you describe yr art and process? Tell us a bit about yrself?

I’m originally from Romania and I had an interesting childhood, the only form of entertainment when I grew up were books, so that contributed I think to my imagination. My favorite books were stories and myths from around the world and they still find their place in my work. I always wanted to be a traveler -I briefly lived in a few different countries like Italy and Japan and I have a home in Michigan USA with my small daughter and my husband.

My work philosophy is very simple as I  just need to start working and I know my inspiration and ideas will come. In the beginning all is blank and I might tentatively decide I will make “That thing” but somewhere in the process each line calls the other, each shape grows into something and there always the point of discovery when I look at my work and I say “oh! that’s what this was!”

That moment is grand and what I’m chasing when I work…

Abstract things inspire me the most: different shapes and colors-good writing. Most of my artwork is figurative and in functional ceramics I try to make a piece that would fit a certain character. I like personal custom work if I can get a feel for the person that will use it and translate that in my pottery. I think of myself as a matchmaker and love it when my customers feel the piece they have speaks to them.

I want to know some things about what is it really like to be a working artist…the good and the bad?What are the three top things you wish you would have known before you started this art/etsyjourney?

I was always an artist but in the beginning I was not interested in actively selling my work. I wish I knew since I started that art is a business and I wish I took marketing classes in college. The good/bad thing about being an artist is that you can never turn it off , it competes with your family if you decided to have one and you end up working more than you expected on some projects if you get carried away.

What is the hardest thing about competition on line?

Online marketplaces are moving very fast and you have to continuously adapt and change; it’s  very fluid market with a short love span.

What do you know NOW that you had no clue about when you started?

basic text acronyms . I don’t have to Google it anymore to find out somebody was swearing at me, it helps a lot with the comebacks :).

Who is your favorite indie crafter?


What are yr five top blogs/shops/etc on web?

at the moment I have:
Simen Johan
this is an old one but I still like to go trough it and I like akar : akardesign

Who would you love to meet online?

Doesn’t really matter I just hope they are funny.

You can meet anyone online and still don’t know who you’re talking to.

To see more of the goods, visit Alma Pottery on Etsy.

Amy Turn Sharp is a writer, one half of Little Alouette, and a momma. Follow her on Twitter.

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