all moved in and completely bloated

It was a very long weekend. One in which I went well over 48 hours without opening my laptop. But we are all moved in to our new house.

Whether in building websites, writing a great blog post, or moving houses, the last 5% of the task often takes longer that the first 95%.

I hate the last 5% of anything so, while I’m enjoying finding new routines in my new house, I’m also in a feeling a bit sick (quite literally) over the fact that there is still junk & cleaning to be done at the old house. Note: the two houses are about 4 neighborhood blocks apart.

On top of that, why is it that when you’re starting fresh, creating something new & lovely, you make excuses to eat the most horrendous things? Maybe you don’t… but I sure do. Fast food 3 days in a row. My mother-in-law sat down next to me and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat something like that.”

Because, well, she hasn’t.

And in the end, the bloated disgusting feel in my digestive tract is just not that far off from the sick, uneasy feeling about getting the last 5% done at the old house.


12 thoughts on “all moved in and completely bloated

  1. Ohh, I know what you mean. The last little bits take the longest. And, I too always eat junk food when I am moving – it’s like I give myself a pass for a few days!

  2. Oh, Tara, I know that last 5% pain. Last few days I have been clearing & cleaning our house to put in on the market this week. I just can’t seem to wrap up the project – the last 5% is everywhere!

    Congratulations on your new house!

  3. Oh yeah – I hear your pain! I’m not moving – but mine is more like the last 10%! AND as soon as I get one room finished, I turn around and it’s as if a whole flock of papers have just migrated, fluttering southward for the day, from one room to the next. And don’t get me started on the plastic crap that my kids seem to accumulate… (okay do get me started, but maybe in another post 😉 )

  4. the house looks great so far! and it’s definitely not just you… when you don’t have the means to grocery shop and cook, or if you’re without appliances for a week (i’ve been there!)… whatever’s fastest and easiest and get’s the job done works!! good luck with the finishing touches, and can’t wait to see the new place!

  5. Congratulations on your new place, Tara! I love the thought of starting fresh – the work of it is a different story though. After three military moves in three years, the last 5% feeling is SO very familiar to me. When packing up, the last 5-15% always ends up at the Goodwill:) Hope your digestive tract quickly recovers and you enjoy your first few days in your new home!

  6. Yeah, actually finishing something usually takes much longer than the seemingly hardest work. I hate it because when I think I am almost done with something, it is not really over yet at all. Good luck with it! Proceeding slowly is more annoying, that is true, but on the other hand, your habits will likely remain about the same (no fast-food etc.).

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