Acute How-To: Yarn Pompom Garland

A few days a week, I work at Noon, the cutest shop in San Diego. For their summer window display, they made simple and bright colored yarn pompom garlands and hung them in the windows. After admiring these garlands, I decided to make a few to give my home a little summery pop of color.

I have made pompoms in the past using the traditional technique of wrapping yarn around two cardboard donut shapes, but this time I thought up a simpler technique. Anyone can make these pompoms – no special tools or skills required.

Hang these cute garlands in your home or use them as summer party décor. I plan on using mine to decorate my booth in my next craft fair.


  • Yarn {Any colors will do. I chose my favorite combo of yellow and gray and then added a few pops of pale teal.}
  • Twine {I attached my pompom balls to twine, but you can also use a long piece of yarn.}
  • Scissors

Step One:

Wrap yarn around your hand. The more you wrap, the fuller the pompom will be in the end. Experiment with this; after making a few, you will know how much yarn to wrap in order to get your desired fullness.

Step Two:

Carefully slide the yarn off your hand. Take a piece of yarn {about 6-8 inches long} and tie it tightly around the center of your yarn loop. I triple knotted each one for a secure hold. Do not cut the ends of this piece of string as you will use them to tie the pompom to the twine.

Step Three:

Take the tied loop of yarn and cut the top and bottom so that you have loose strands rather than looped pieces of yarn.

Step Four:

Determine the order of your pompoms and tie them to the twine. Trim down any long strings.

That’s it!  Hang and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Acute How-To: Yarn Pompom Garland

  1. Hi Regina!
    What a terrific craft project! The thing I like best about it is that it isn’t measured or exact or formal. I will be making these for sure. I’ll also show it to my daughter, who will soon be moving into her first apartment. I can see these garlands fitting perfectly into her eclectic decor!
    Great post! Keep ’em comin’!

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