Acute How-To: Simple Silhouettes

I love Victorian silhouettes in décor.  They are such a classic piece of art that can add a personal touch to your walls.

A silhouette can be done of just about anything: your dog, your child, your home state, your house, etc.  They are so easy to make – you might just get carried away {like I did!}.

I made four silhouettes: my two dogs, my husband’s home country of Ireland, and my home state of Ohio.  I love them all and cannot wait to hang each of them in my home.

What you will need:

  • a dark color of cardstock {I prefer black, but feel free to experiment with other colors}
  • a lighter color cardstock or a patterned piece {this piece of paper will be used to mount the finished silhouette}
  • a printed photo of your subject {I think that a 5×7 photo is a good size}
  • sharp scissors
  • scotch tape
  • basic picture frames

Step One:

Loosely cut around your subject and tape it to the black cardstock.

Step Two:

Carefully cut around the subject.  Here you can take use your best judgment and cut away unnecessary items. {For example, I cut away some of my dog’s wisps of fur around his ears and didn’t cut every single inlet on the Ireland silhouette I made for my husband.} 

Step Three:

Once the subject is entirely cut out, carefully remove the photo and any remaining tape from the black cardstock. 

Step Four:

Glue the cut out silhouette to your background piece of cardstock and allow to dry.  I like to put a heavy book directly over the silhouette so that it dries nice and flat.

Step Five

Frame and display the silhouette among other photographs or prints.


8 thoughts on “Acute How-To: Simple Silhouettes

  1. awww yaaay, snowhio! :) makes me the eensiest teensiest bit homesick. perhaps I’ll get so homesick, I’ll make a 3 eyed fish to remind me of the cuyahoga :) awwww ohio silhouette :)

  2. I do this already! My silhouettes are my favorite decorating piece other than my “heads”. I mixed my sons drawing, an octopus made out of socks, and other things in the mix. I like to add childlike things in the mix to make the entire feel more playful and to let my kids know how important their art is. You can see them in this picture here:

    (I wasn’t sure if you could attach photos in a comment.)

  3. Great idea…thanks for sharing. I’m doing a wall in my dining area right now and looking for new ideas….just as I “clicked” on this post I thought “I wonder if I could do a silhouette of my dogs…”

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