Acute How-To: Simple Sew Puppy Purse

This week, I have another simple sewing project for you.

This tutorial will show you how to make a cute and handy little bag that you can attach to your dog’s leash to hold plastic bags, your keys, treats, etc.

What you will need:

  • 10”x 6” piece of fabric {I used a plain white canvas, but feel free to use a fun printed piece}
  • 6” x 4” piece of fabric
  • A piece of cord or elastic that is about 5 inches long
  • One hook or link – I used one of these links that I found in the camping section at Target
  • One cord stop {can be found at any fabric store – most likely near the buttons and Velcro}
  • Fray Check {also can be found at any fabric store}

Step One:

Take the 6”x4” piece of fabric and fold in the sides, then fold in those two sides again.  Sew straight down the piece to secure these sides in place. Set this piece aside for a minute.

Step Two:

Take your 10”x6” piece of fabric and sew a hem along one the one 10” sides.  Make sure it is will have enough space to later slip your cord or elastic through.

Step Three:

Fold the large piece of fabric in half {if you are using a printed fabric, you will want the “wrong” side to be showing}.  Take the small strip of fabric that you sewed in step one and fold it in half.  Tuck it inside the bottom of the larger piece.  Sew the bottom and side of the larger piece of fabric so that the small strip is secured in a loop shape.  Flip the bag inside out so that the “right” side of the fabric is now showing.


Step Four:

Pin a safety pin to the end of the cord or elastic and string it through the hem at the top of the pouch.  Slip the cord stop on the ends of the elastic and tie a knot so that all is held into place.  Treat the ends of the cord with a little fray check so that they won’t fray.

Step Five:

Link you hook through the loop at the bottom and hook onto your dog’s leash.  I also sewed a heart on the bag for a little decoration, but this step can definitely be skipped…add whatever you like to make it in your own style!

3 thoughts on “Acute How-To: Simple Sew Puppy Purse

  1. AWW! I love the paw print heart- so sweet! These bags are the best- a must have for doggie owners! Thanks for the great how-to, I’ll be linking.

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