Acute How-To: Simple Pop-up Holiday Cards

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest last week and had to try it!  These pop-up cards are a simple and inexpensive way to share the joy of this holiday season.

What you will need:

  • card stock {one sheet per card + extra for decoration}
  • scissors and paper cutter {optional}
  • glue stick or double sided tape

Step One:

Fold a sheet of standard cardstock {8 1/2×11”} in half.  Open the paper up and cut with scissors or a paper cutter down the fold so that you have two equal halves.

Step Two:

Fold each half down so that you have two blank cards.  Take one of the blank folded cards and cut several slits in the back {on the fold side}.

Step Three:

Open up the card that you just cut and pop in the pieces – these will be little stands for your decorations.

Step Four:

Take the second folded card and glue or tape it to the one that has the stands inside of it.

Step Five:

Decorate your card – you can cut out pictures of your kids or pets and glue them to the little stands inside the card.  Or, you can print clip art + a message {which is what I did for one of my cards}.  There are also several free downloadable holiday messages + gift tags that you can download and cut out for the inside of your cards.

{For this card, I used a free downloadable image from Eat Drink Chic blog}

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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