Acute How-To: Simple Baby Mobile

I recently made this super easy and inexpensive {this whole project cost me about $6} mobile for my baby nephew. I have had it hanging from the ceiling in my studio all weekend and love it.

I love it so much that I am going to make something similar to spruce up my house for the holidays.

For my nephew’s mobile, I used a few colors that will compliment his bedding along with cream to balance the whole thing out.  It turned out so cute and I think it looks like a little circus hanging from the ceiling.  I hope it brings him hours of staring pleasure.

What you will need:

  • 6 pieces of colored cardstock {more if you want a fuller look}
  • an embroidery hoop {I found a 10” plastic baby blue one for $2 but a wood one would work just as well}
  • a large circle hole-punch {can be found near the cardstock at the craft store}
  • ribbon or string for hanging
  • a sewing machine

Step One:

Punch out circles using your large hole-punch.  I lined mine up in the order I planned to sew them together.

Step Two:

Start sewing – leave a large amount of thread at the top of each strand of circles.  You will use this extra bit of thread to tie each strand to the embroidery hoop.

Step Three:

Using one strand of circles at a time, twist the extra thread around the embroidery hoop and tie at the end.  Once I had all mine strands tied onto the hoop, I secured each knot with a little dab of super glue.

Step Four:

Tie a few ribbons or twine onto the hoop for hanging.  I used two cream ribbons and two rust-orange ribbons in order to play off the colors throughout the mobile.

Hang and enjoy!  It might be a little uneven {well, mine was a little uneven} but that’s ok. I am sure the baby in your life will love it despite its unevenness.

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