Acute How-To: Monogrammed Burlap + Lace Table Runner

I am a huge fan of monograms in home décor. 

Not only do they give an otherwise basic item a personalized touch, they are also extremely simple to achieve. All you need is a stencil, a little paint, and some creativity.

For this monogrammed project, I decided to go with burlap and lace.  Burlap is a fabric made from natural fibers that has a fantastic texture and rustic feel to it.  The contrast of the rough burlap against the soft, delicate lace is fantastic.

Not only do I love the rustic feel of the burlap, it is also so inexpensive.  This whole project cost me less than $20.  Easy and affordable?  Now that is my kind of how-to project!

What you will need:

  • 2-3 feet of burlap, depending on the length of your table  {two feet was long enough for my table}
  • A stencil {these can be bought at your local craft store or you can make one by printing large letters in your favorite font on cardstock }
  • Fabric paint and sponge brush
  • 2-3 feet of lace trim
  • craft glue

Step one:

Determine the length and width you would your table runner to be.  A standard table runner will be about 15” wide and the length should be the length of your table +  about 20 inches {you want about 10 inches to hang down on each side}.

Step two:

Cut the burlap to the decided upon dimensions and fray each end.  If you prefer a clean look, you can sew a hem all around the edges, but I like the frayed look with this natural fabric.

Step three:

Dot a little craft glue down the long side of the table runner and gently press down the lace.  Repeat on the other side and allow to dry for about an hour.

Step four:

Once the glue has dried, flip the table runner over and stencil your monogram on one or both ends.  If a simple monogram isn’t enough for you – add an additional stencil.  There are lots of free and inexpensive printable stencils online and at any craft store.

Such a simple and gorgeous project to dress up your table for spring!

10 thoughts on “Acute How-To: Monogrammed Burlap + Lace Table Runner

  1. oh i love the jade plant in the milk glass, i have one like that too and i just love it in there. I want to try and find two more milk glasses vases/pots like it and have a set of three for my table!

    1. If you are going to use an iron, try finding a glue that will work with that. I am sure there is something that is iron/dryer safe at the craft store. Best of luck!

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