Acute How-To: DIY Jewelry Stand

If you’re anything like me, you probably have jewelry everywhere in an unorganized mess. Or, maybe you’re nothing like me and have everything organized…. If that’s the case, just indulge me.

I have been thinking about making a simple jewelry organizer forever and finally got around to it last week. I was in need of an extra stand to display my earrings at my latest show, so I decided it was the perfect time to get my DIY jewelry organizer made.

There are various DIY jewelry displays all over the blogosphere, some easier than others. This one I created falls squarely in the “easy” category. All you need is a wooden board {I bought mine at Home Depot}, nails, and paint and/or stencils to decorate the board. So simple and inexpensive. This whole project cost me about $12.

Step One:

Paint your wooden board any color you want. You can also use stencils to create a design on the bare wood. I taped a wide piece of lace trim to the bottom of the board and then spray painted over it in gray.

On the top part of the board, I decided to do a whitewash paint. I did this by mixing together two parts white paint with one part water. Then I painted a small section of the board and wiped away the paint with a damp cloth. I continued to go over the area, painting and wiping, until I got my desired whiteness.

Step Two:

Determine where you want your nails to go and mark with a pencil. I used a ruler and made a small mark every two inches on the top two rows. On the bottom rows, I staggered the nails so that various pieces of jewelry would easily fit.

Step Three:

Hammer the nails half way in at each pencil marking and you’re done! You can either hang this on a wall or prop it up on a bookshelf or table {like I did in my booth at the art fair} using small stands {like these}.

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