Acute How-To: DIY Fabric Tape

Did you know that you could actually make your own fabric tape?  I confess, I didn’t know until fairly recently, but you can and it’s really simple.

This tape is perfect for dressing up handmade packaging or for adding a special touch to gift wrapping.


  • kraft packing tape
  • sand paper – If you buy the kind of tape that is covered in a waxy coating, then you will need to lightly sand the smooth coating. If you buy the kind not coated, then you can skip the sand paper step.
  • fabric, cut in strips as wide as the tape
  • mod podge glue
  • paint brush
  • waxed paper
  • scissors

Step One:

Tape pieces of kraft tape to a long sheet of waxed paper. If you have the tape with the waxy coating, gently sand down the surface {which is what I did}. If not, just proceed with step two.

Step Two:

Paint mod podge glue all over the tape and lay down a strip of fabric. Use a credit card or the back of a knife to smooth down the fabric.

Step Three:

Allow the glue to dry overnight and cut away the strips of tape. I cut my pieces of tape in half in order to have thinner pieces of tape. Roll up the strips of tape and secure with a small paper clip. Whenever you’re ready to use the tape, just peel away the waxed paper!

25 thoughts on “Acute How-To: DIY Fabric Tape

  1. Great idea, especially for Christmas! Do you think you could also do this but use double faced rug tape? Less time consuming?

  2. I recently saw an idea somewhere on the Net for using double-sided carpet tape and paper to make a kind of ‘washi’ tape. This is quite similar and I suppose your idea would work equally as well with paper instead of cloth.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Lis

  3. What fun!
    And what a great way for me to use my hoard of rescued vintage fabrics and trims.
    Can’t wait to play with this idea!


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