Acute How-To: Color Dipped Flower Pots

I have really been into the color dipped look lately so I decided to create a small kitchen window garden with a few color dipped pots.

I figured it would be so simple and all I would have to do is put some blue painters tape around a pot and paint.

I tried that and it didn’t really work. Due to the shape of the pots, it was hard to secure the tape in a straight line and the end result was uneven, jagged, and not at all what I was attempting to create.

I also tried using paper, which was a mess. So, I gave up and walked away from the project.

A few hours later I was cleaning out a drawer and found a bag of thick rubber bands. It was a total “light bulb” moment and I returned to my flower pot project. The rubber bands were perfect and gave me the look I wanted.

Supplies Needed

  • Rubber bands
  • Flower pots (I bought mine for less than a dollar)
  • Acrylic paint and paint brushes (can be found at a craft store for about a dollar a bottle)
  • Plants

All you have to do for this simple project is secure the rubber bands around the pots and paint. I did about three coats per pot and even fixed my failed pink pot. Wait about a day for the paint to dry and carefully remove the rubber bands.

Now my biggest challenge will be keeping my little plants alive!

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