A Wrinkle in Time: Working in Abundance

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I sometimes think that if I work more, I’ll get more done.

Makes sense, right?

But there’s some sort of universal law that accounts for bends and folds in the fabric of time that defies my logic.

The thing is, when all I do is work, the outcome is stress, which limits my ability to get the work done.

When I stop to make a nurturing meal, the fuel my body and brain gets makes my work better.

When I interrupt my day for yoga, the physical and mental stretch I get makes my work more limber.

When I hang out with a friend, the charge I get powers my work later on.

When I set aside time for my partner, I get a partner in return and remember that I don’t have to do it all by myself.

When I chill out and watch Hulu, my brain gets creative rest so it can do more later.

When I read a book, I stock the well with images and words and get to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

When I don’t do these things, when I’m “too busy” for my health, I create more time to work, but I deny the conditions that help me work at my best.

It’s working in deprivation.

Do I want to work in deprivation, or do I want to work in abundance?

Well, heck. I’ll take abundance!

How do you set yourself up to work in deprivation? What simple changes could you make to work in abundance?

Gathering light,

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