a tale of two loves

Thomas & Cheyne - Coffee Haus Downtown

no, this isn’t a blog post about a sordid love triangle.

this is about my obsession with two very simple things: handmade goods and great coffee. you see, in my previous life, in between philosophizing & theologizing in college and living the dream as a mom & blogger, i was a bookstore/coffeeshop manager. i was a bone fide coffee snob who loved nothing more than to sip a delightful single origin coffee – black as night, of course – and wax poetic about the flavor profile, acidity, and balance.

oh, yes, i love coffee.

so when i saw that cheyne, from cutoutandcollect – an absolutely fabulous handbag line i really need to get to posting about – and her partner, thomas, now had a coffee shop on etsy, i had to find out more.


the shop began as an espresso bar in a salon eight years ago and now has completely taken over the space! they purchased a roaster in 2006 and also opened the shop to locally-made arts & craft goods.

turns out that thomas’ father, the founder of coffee haus downtown, sadly & unexpectedly passed away this thanksgiving. but thomas & cheyne are pressing on and taking the dream to the next level by making the artisan-roasted coffee available online through etsy!

Coffee Haus Downtown - handmade boutique

between the handmade goodies and the goodness of coffee roasted “in haus” – i can’t get enough of this [not-so] little shop.

please take a minute to stop by the etsy shop and see if one of their coffees doesn’t peak the interest of your palette! i think i’ll be partaking in the papua new guinea very soon!

coffee + craft = true love.

5 thoughts on “a tale of two loves

  1. As a friend of Cheyne’s, consignor in the CH, and self-proclaimed coffee addict, I am so happy you featured their new line of roasted coffee! In fact, I was just there this afternoon and had a fantastic latte. Mmmm perfection.

  2. I love this idea! I’ve actually had a dream for awhile of eventually having a gallery/storefront for handmade goods and art and expanding it to combine with a coffee shop and even performance space. I love that people in other areas are thinking this way as well!

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