A Springtime Renewal

Craft Supplies

Spring is a nice time of year to shed the excess in our lives. Clean out closets of unworn clothes, eat more spring vegetables to lose the winter weight, donate books that have already been read. It’s so rejuvenating!

However, one area that I have never attempted to purge is my craft stash. I stare at it in dismay – so many containers of papers, tools, embellishments collected along the way that I was so sure I would use ‘some day’. Beads for necklaces and earrings; fun papers for scrapbooking; vintage finds for pins; fabric for sewing; tiles for mosaics; wires for I don’t even know what; embroidery floss; dozens of brushes, scissors, paints, markers. I could stock a whole art school. (I’m sure you can relate!)

I can’t fathom getting rid of unused craft supplies, yet I know I can no longer keep everything. I’ve gone through three home moves with these same containers in tow, and one more move coming up this year. This weighed on me as I conveniently avoided my craft room for a few days, until it dawned on me: Don’t get rid of them…USE THEM ALL, finally!

And, instead of learning a dozen types of crafts to use all the supplies all for their intended purposes (i.e. beads for a necklace), use them all in one type of project: mixed media art.

I am so inspired to create now. No longer am I looking at all these supplies thinking about all the projects not done, and all the different skills needed. Now I’m breaking them out and using them for projects I never imagined.

Here are some great mixed media inspiration sources that have gotten me started:

 A little bit of everything

 Paint, Paper and Buttons

Mod Podge, Paper, and Paint

Paint, Photos, and Buttons

Some of everything, again

Jill Ricci, mixed media artist

Have you ever cleaned out your craft stash? What will you create this Spring?

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