a pillow to make your day

some of you may know this talented designer from her now-famous-front-cover design for the inaugural issue of design for mankind’s "mankind mag" – if not, make a point to check it out. i first learned about her when she bought some fabric from me this past spring. (thank you!) her pillows impressed me from the start. she creates sensational arrangements with mixed materials, including felted wool, cotton fabrics and high-end upholstery samples. they’ll easily cross-over design styles and seasons. she’ll gladly make add’l pillows, if you’d like a pair – ‘tho no two are ever exactly alike due to the availability of materials and unique construction method. other mentionables: her gocco prints from her hand-drawn illustrations are delightful.
Indie Designer: Amy Marcella
Blog: things that make my day

$50 from amy marcella

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