A Personal Movie Montage

Live the Life You Have Imagined by Vintage Beach Quotes.  Click above for more info.
Live the Life You Have Imagined by Vintage Beach Quotes. Click above for more info.

I love a good movie montage. There’s something so satisfying about watching as — with a perfect song playing in the background — the two main characters begin to fall in love, the team starts practicing like a team, the ugly duckling turns into a swan, the underdog trains for victory. They’re some of my favorite movie moments and usually leave me feeling energized and excited about what’s to come.

The other day I was standing on a ladder in the bathroom, a paint roller in my hand, and Mumford & Sons on Pandora. I’d become  a little obsessed with re-creating the bathroom walls after a rough time had left me feeling particularly low. I lit on repainting the bathroom as something that would simultaneously pull me out of a lethargic sadness, give me purpose, and bring some beauty to my life. A simple thing, but maybe just what I needed.

Rolling on the paint was meditative in a way, and I found my mind wandering all over the place. As I watched the transformation on the walls — from plain white to a beautiful periwinkle — and took in the song playing in the background, I realized I was envisioning my own little movie montage.

I watched the scene playing out in my head: There I was on a ladder, with a look on my face and a purpose in my strokes that said I was healing, that I was creating something beautiful (even something as small as a bathroom wall), that I was going to be okay. The notes from the music playing around me said there were going to be more actions, there was going to be more healing. They said this was just the beginning.

The song ended, and I kept painting, but I felt different. I felt both a little more energized and a little more grounded. I had seen my story, and it buoyed me.

Sometimes we need to envision our own story and watch it so that we remember what we’re capable of, what’s possible, what beauty the future might hold for us.

Sometimes we need our own movie montage. What’s yours?

One thought on “A Personal Movie Montage

  1. I love this post – mainly because I do this all the time! And it’s nice to see I’m not the only one that uses my own personal movie montage moments to really push myself through the tough times with my business, or when I’m working out and need an extra edge to stay motivated. One of my personal faves is an “Eye of the Tiger” montage – whether I’m doing a long-distance run or plowing through a long day of orders for my business…it works every time :).

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