A Not Quite Mid-Year Review

“I can’t believe it’s already May!”

I heard that a lot last week. It does seem like this year is flying by. Is it that I’m having fun? Or does time actually pass more quickly as you age each year?

It got me thinking about the year so far, and remembering November and December of last year when I was envisioning the shape of my business for 2012. Did you do that? Did you lay out any plans for this year? Set any intentions? Do the one word thing?

Before the year is halfway spent, this is a great time to do a “not quite mid-year review.”

This is not an opportunity to berate yourself if things haven’t gone as you planned. It’s a chance to do a check-in of your year so far, and do some reflection that will set you up to work smart until you have to remember to write 2013 on your checks.

  • At a glance: What’s working this year? What’s not? What’s going on with the numbers? What are you getting the most mileage out of?
  • What has gone according to your plans, and what has not? Be open to some of the “things that have not gone as planned” being things that turned out in your favor.
  • And finally, do you want to reevaluate your goals and intentions for the year? You get to change your mind and your focus mid-stream if you want. Plans are based on the evidence and energy we have when we make them. Now that you’ve looked at the reality of this year, do you want to change anything as you move forward?

Download a free “not quite mid-year review” planner and spend some time investing in your business – before the year flies on by.

Gathering light,

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