a little snow won’t hurt, right?

snow on west reading main street

snow on top of trash

if you’re one of the minority in the united states whose lawn is not covered with snow, you’re lucky. the weekend before last we got 18 inches. last week we got socked with another 24+ inches. when the weather dude called for snow for today, i cussed him out. loudly. often.

it wasn’t very lady like.

but a little snow can’t hurt, right?

no… luckily we woke up to nary a dusting over the old snow. last night, when the snow was just beginning to fall, i snapped the pics above (with my iphone, in the dark, please forgive me!). i had just gotten done in my “office” at the local chocolate cafe. and was struck how a fresh dusting of snow can make anything beautiful. even some trash.

posts coming from brittni & jan later today. then back to a more normal posting schedule tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “a little snow won’t hurt, right?

  1. My darling hubs had a snow day today! He spent it cleaning out the storage space under the stairs, going to the grocery and helping 4 people dig their cars out on the way. What a good man.

    Me? I spent it researching…aka, reading blogs for something like 4 hours. Oh, and I washed my hair. I’m exhausted! :)

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