A lightbulb moment: clarity and creativity


medium_12970751515We were all standing in the hallway waiting for me to make a decision. I was waiting for me to make a decision. I’d just found out the flat that I’d bought needed to be completely rewired. When the electrician dropped the bombshell, I had the fleeting thought to call my solicitor post-haste and hand the flat back. That was after wondering how my property mentor had missed the bare bulb in the bathroom which now seemed like such an obvious red flag. And this was precisely why I had chosen an experienced property developer as a mentor, because I was still green behind the ears.

Anyway fling that to the wind, giving it back wasn’t an option, this wasn’t a dress with a missing button that I could merrily take back to the shop for a full refund. I had a lump of bricks on my hands. And I was standing in the hallway with my prospective tenants and the electrician holding the results of my electrical survey.

What did I do? I got quiet. It felt like time stood still although it must have been a matter of seconds. Finally, emotional clarity landed, and I knew to action the nearly two and a half grand of work that would make the flat ‘liveable’. Thankfully the electrician was able to start the job immediately, and the tenants were happy to hand over the deposit – I can tell you at that point I was very happy to receive it – and they moved in the following week.

This story happened a few years ago. I’ve been reflecting on the process of decision-making, flicking through my experiences, noticing patterns and joining dots. Here are my notes to self.

  • Only make decisions from a place of clarity (you need to know what that feels like in your body). I have some great examples of when I’ve done the opposite. Funny now, not so much then.
  • It’s okay to walk away from a ‘good offer’ in whatever form that takes – a job, a property,  or something else. Emotional clarity is not something you sacrifice.
  • Know what you want. It doesn’t have to make sense to others, it has to make sense to you.
  • State of being is the first point of creation. Your feeling in the moment will tell you if your state of being is closed or open. To open, just accept the current state of mind you are experiencing. Your thinking will eventually reset if you don’t resist it, providing insight, and you’ll feel better.

  • If a decision needs to be made immediately, focus on what’s going on inside of your body, forget about external circumstances. There is always a bigger picture that you don’t see.
  • If a decision doesn’t need to be made immediately, take time out and put your attention on something else in your life, something that feels less high-stakes, like painting your nails, walking the dog, catching up with a friend, making dinner, sleeping, everyday simple life experiences.
  • Clarity comes in the absence of ‘thinking’, this is how we are designed. This is basic trust in action, based on the three invisible constants that drive human experience – Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.
  • A good decision is one made from emotional clarity, not from trying to control your results by thinking.
  • Develop your own knowing which will always trump ‘others’ expertise’ regardless of whether you decide to go that route or not.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and inside of you – be calmly curious.
  • Creativity flows from clarity, not from thinking.

Do you have any stories of emotional clarity in decision-making? Please share.

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