A Letter to My Younger Creative Self


Dear Young Amanda,

I know right now you’re more concerned with what others will think of you if you step outside the box, but I’m here to tell you that doesn’t matter. 15 years from now, you won’t care one iota what your peers thought of you or your creative ideas. You will be kicking yourself for not taking those artistic leaps you didn’t take simply because you didn’t want people to question your ideas. So just hear me out today, okay?

  1. It’s okay to take risks. Remember that idea you had about creating a series of paintings about self-love (and self-hate)? You should paint them. And you should tell the world about them.
  2. Expressing yourself visually is important. Remember how you thought visual representations of your beliefs and values weren’t as important as written or spoken beliefs and values? You were wrong. Visual representations are just as moving and powerful as words. Express yourself visually if that’s what moves you.
  3. Realize the important of creativity in your life. I know right now you think you’re just creative because you’re a child and you have the time. But I’m here to tell you you’re wrong again. Creativity is going to be a part of the rest of your life. So much so that you will build a business around it. Take your creative ideas more seriously.
  4. Practice. Don’t just draw because you have nothing else to do. Draw because it inspires you and helps you figure out who you are. Draw and write because it’s the only way you’ll get better at it. Draw and write because it will help you figure out who you are.
  5. You’re right to be humble. When peers and teachers and family tell you a painting you created is powerful and beautiful, believe them. But continue to be humble with your creations. You will  always be experimenting with your creative style, so you should never feel like you’ve perfected anything. We’re not meant to be perfect. Continue to humbly accept compliments, but realize your style and craft will continuously change and improve for the rest of your life.

Amanda, realize you have a good thing going for you. You’re passionate about something at a young age! Continue to be passionate about it, but also realize it’s not  just a hobby. It will be with you for the rest of your life, and it will shape who you become. Relish in that feeling and allow it to mold you. But always,  always remain curious and humble, for without those two traits, you will never grow.

Love always,
Older Amanda

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