a few announcements


hi delightful readers!
just popping in with some updates for you.

i spent a good chunk of time this weekend re-designing the navigation bar below the header b/c i learned that the previous one didn't function properly with firefox and safari browsers. i tried to outsmart the javascript and html code gods with a new version – but i don't think this one works either!! could you please, pretty please, leave a comment to tell me if these navigation links work or not and which browser you're using? i would really, really appreciate it!

hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
jan (aka daisy janie : scoutie girl)

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new guest poster
i'm so happy to announce that the savvy & stylish linda demers – of a la mode –  will be joining the illustrious group of contributors here at scoutie girl. her posts will appear on friday afternoons, with a focus on a few artists (and events when possible) by city. this type of feature has always been on my list, so i'm totally jazzed that she suggested it! look for her first feature this friday! thanks linda!
– – – – – – – – –
supply side guest poster? is that you?
do you dabble in various arts & crafts? do you have supplies overflowing from your studio (or corner)? do you love shopping for new raw materials for your next wild scheme or project? if so, maybe you'd like to become the next 'supply side' guest poster for scoutie girl? it's a regular tuesday feature – and i can give you all the details! our previous supplies expert was kayanna nelson of june craft– she did a marvelous job – and you can check out some of her posts to get an idea what i'm looking for. send an email if you're interested!!
– – – – – – – – –
i'm also looking for someone to do more 'up to the minute' type features, like when design for mankind has a new mag or pikaland is doing a giveaway or a new shopping platform like 1000markets opens up.**
if you're interested, send me an email!
– – – – – – – – –
thank you to the following regular guest posters, who have been with scoutie girl since last summer and fall. they do an incredible job each week to bring you interesting, helpful, beautiful, practical handmade items! you completely rock!
brittni wood – paper n stitch
amy sharp – little alouette
lisa kelley – milkshake crafts
lori dunbar – marzipan
sam hirst – inklore
judit wild – vadjutka

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  1. I’m using max os x with firefox 3.0, and the links aren’t working – they just stay on the home page. Sorry =(

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