A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

motion by Dreaming in the deep south
motion by Dreaming in the deep south

I had the pleasure of teaching hip hop dance to children at one of my local YMCAs recently.

It was an event aimed at teaching kids to be healthy and active through healthy eating and physical activity.

One of the organizers of the event said to the kids:

“Remember, a body in motion stays in motion.”

Do you ever hear something random and while you know it wasn’t meant to be a life-changing quote, it still hits you as life-changing?

In that moment, time stood still as that quote washed over me along with a barrage of questions I mentally hurled at myself.

“Are you working hard enough?”

“Are you doing the right work?”

“Are you focused on growth and progress or busy-work?”

“Are you doing what matters?”

The bottom line was: Are you truly in motion for your goals?

I’m sure most people took that statement to be purely focused on physical activity in its relation to health, but it hit me hard from a business/life perspective.

We always have to stay in MOTION toward our goals.

There’s no stopping for those who want continued growth and progress.

You have to keep moving and ACTING.

Because the flip-side of this is that a body at rest, stays at rest.

Don’t stop. Keep moving.

2 thoughts on “A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

  1. First I am jealous that you can teach a hip hop class. I ache for movement and find myself dancing all over the place, at the grocery, in the kitchen, in the car…
    Then when we talk of the movement of our art/business/life I find myself spinning in place, hoping for some traction/direction/action that will LET me continue in some forward motion.

    Thank you for your article. It shifts the gears for me, reminding me to take it out of neutral.

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