9 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Marketing

Leveraging Facebook for Marketing

It’s 2014 and time to create a marketing strategy that keeps your business going and growing. Although Facebook lost about 11% of its subscribers in 2013, there are still about one billion plus subscribers to reach. So don’t give up on this social media platform.

While you’re planning your marketing strategy, consider these things that are most likely to make people ​want to watch for what you have to say​:

  1. Know your audience and what they want to hear or see. Focus on their interests and if you’re targeting the right audience, their interests should be right in line with yours!
  2. Create the best possible Profile Picture for Facebook. When this picture is professionally cropped and representative of your ‘brand’, you’ll attract more of your target audience. It may be a picture of you personally, your logo, or something else. Just make sure it’s reflective of your target audience and it’s cropped properly.
  3. ‘Selfies’ are nice for personal pages perhaps, but maybe not the best idea for your business page.
  4. Facebook is for a quick update with some valuable reason or insights for posting – long, rambling, useless, boring, repetitive, redundant information (get the point?) really is not a good use of space on your page.
  5. When posting a status update with the link, be sure and remove the actual URL so it’s not confusing with that string of letters (and perhaps annoying).
  6. Facebook’s feature that allows you to schedule posts is a marketing tool for sure. Rather than inundate people with tons of posts at once, schedule them throughout the day, week or month. Target your audience when they are most likely to read your updates. Creating a calendar might be helpful if you have lots of information to share over a period of time.
  7. Connect with groups on Facebook that interest you – they serve as a resource to you, motivation for content, interaction with similar minded individuals, and allow you to learn more about a particular skill, industry, or opportunity. Interact with the group for the most benefit.
  8. Set up your Facebook page to automatically pull in information from your other online resources such as Twitter, Delicious, your website/blog, or someplace else. Facebook becomes a place to disseminate valuable information automatically.
  9. Post a photo – with social media, it is definitely true that, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Post appropriate pictures that spur interest in your subject and draw people to your website/blog. People love to see great pictures!

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