9 Favorite Non-Tech Organizing Tools & Supplies

9 Favorite Organizing Supplies

From the looks of my home office, it is readily apparent I have an addiction to post-it notes. And pens. And pretty much any office/craft supplies known to mankind.

I spend so much of my time on the computer that it’s really nice to fall back on these non-tech supply items when I’m in a creative rut or simply just need to rest my eyes.

Here are 9 of my all-time favorite organizing tools and supplies that do not revolve around the use of a computer.

  1. Post-it notes. How can you argue with the perfect little petite square size and a strip of stickiness to post on just about anything without leaving grimy glue marks?
  2. Calligraphy pens. I may or may not have an obsession with calligraphy pens. For jotting notes, for drawing, and….occasionally…for calligraphy. The perfect amount of ink flow that dries super fast (a must for left-handed folks like myself).
  3. Graph paper moleskin notebooks. Being the Type A person I am, I have a strong love for graph paper notebooks where I can control both the width and the height of the letters I am writing and sketches I am drawing. I’d take graph paper over plain-lined paper or blank paper any day.
  4. Double-sided tape. In case of emergency, when post-it notes are nowhere to be found, double-sided tape is the perfect solution. Also great for packaging and gift wrapping because, again…my Type A personality would not be happy seeing a “clear” piece of tape on a package.
  5. Washi tape. This may seem contradictory to #4, but washi tape is really the perfect solution for packaging if, and only if, you must have tape showing. It says, “Hey look at me! I’m here on purpose and I look awesome.”
  6. Exacto knives. I’m a huge fan of exacto knives instead of scissors. Especially with a brand new sharp blade. The cuts come out perfect every time, never jagged.
  7. Metal rulers. I’ve had the same metal ruler since I started my freshman year of college in 2001 and it looks like brand new. I use it as an edge for cutting (with my exacto knife, of course), drawing straight lines, and scoring. Time to ditch the plastic ruler and invest in a metal one instead!
  8. Pencil case. This is the only item I love that I don’t use for it’s intended purpose. I love pencil cases for storing supplies and keeping it organized (and if you’re truly Type A use separate pencil cases for each category of supplies – one for washi tape, one for calligraphy pens, one for exacto knives, etc.).
  9. Kraft paper. Probably one of my favorites, kraft paper can be used for an unlimited amount of tasks or projects – gift wrapping, packaging, photo background, sketching, brainstorming – you name it, kraft paper can probably create it. I purchase mine in a huge roll so I can cut it to the size I want depending on what task I need it for.
I want to know: what supplies or tools can you not live without?

9 Favorite Organizing Supplies

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    1. You’ve asked the right person, Amelia! I’m a lefty, too, and HATE the ink smearing! My favorite as of lately is the Pilot Varsity pen. It’s a very dark ink, but dries really quickly, so no smudging! Hope that helps – let me know how you like it!

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