7 Lessons Learned through Mourning


The recent loss of a dear friend followed closely by the loss of my mother-in-law dealt a heavy blow during the recent weeks. But it also gave me time to reflect on the lives of two women, from very different generations, who had lived their lives to the fullest. As I thought about each of them, I realized they had so many things in common – things that have taught me a lesson and strengthened my resolve to grasp the goodness in each and every day.

The 7 most important things I learned from these creative and caring women are:

  1. Always think positive!
  2. Look for the best in people.
  3. Enjoy nature and your surroundings as they are right now.
  4. Help others in small ways – something small to you may mean the world to them.
  5. There are others going through difficult situations, too.
  6. Do at least one thing you love every day.
  7. Be thankful every day.

Simple, yet powerful, life lessons from different generations.

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