7 Gift Ideas for Makers

One of the great things about crafty, creative people is they are pretty easy to shop for. Give them a bag of supplies and they’ll find something to do with it! (And it would probably be the best gift ever). Today I’m sharing with you 7 gift ideas for your closest crafty loved ones that are guaranteed to make them smile.

DIY Maker Notebook

DIY Maker Notebook

Sewn Felt Accessories Kit

Sewn Felt Accessories Party Kit

Make Your Own Antler WreathDecorate Your Own Antler Wreath

Skillshare Photoshop KitSkillshare Photoshop Kit

Black Dipped Mini ClothespinsBlack Dipped Mini Clothespins

Molecular Mixology Mojito Kit

Molecular Mixology Mojito Kit

Triangle Washi TapeTriangle Washi Tape

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