#69 [outfitting your china]

[outfitting your china]

when i started researching this post, my idea was very different than where i ended up! i wanted to do a post about handmade dinnerware because, some day, i’d love to buy a full set of handmade dishes. in my search however, i came across these beauties and couldn’t not share them! the only problem is that these are a for decorative purposes only. i’d love to do some china modification myself, but would need to find some food-safe paints. anyone that has any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below!

available at cpstudio :: $8 – $9 each

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  1. These are so cool! I’ve been searching for food / dishwasher safe options for unique china for a long time. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing if anyone chimes in with suggestions!

  2. My sister used to live over a pottery studio that was open to the public for painting. They would create really basic wares in white and not glaze them and you could go in, buy your pieces, get out your paint or stamps or whatever and do whatever design you wanted on them, and they would refire them (glaze them) for you and you would come in and pick them up in a few days. It was so cool. I know that there used to be a lady in town that would do that out of her house too… Maybe there is a place in your area that does a similar thing, although I have no idea what you would look them up under in the phone book.

    The alternative could be to go and case out a local art school. In Nelson, many people have really gorgeous sets of dishes that art totally mismatched but stunning because they go to the one off sales the local art school has regularly where students sell off their trial and error stuff for cheap. You can get a stunning piece of pottery that has a small dent in the bottom that you can’t even see or the colour was not exactly what the student was trying for that you would normally pay $300 for for $40. Or a set of plates where they were trying out different patterns so they are all the same colours but different patterns for $10 each. That sort of thing.

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