6 Traits of Happy Creatives


If I had a pound for every time someone told me they weren’t creative or artistic in any way, I’d buy a house in a hot country and divide my year between here and there.

Unfortunately, those kinds of comments don’t come with financial bonuses so I just listen instead and use what I hear to find solutions.

I have noticed that people who don’t say these things, and who actively embrace their creative and artistic nature in a consistent and regular way, tend to have a few traits in common. Knowing that means if you don’t yet feel able to call yourself creative or an artist, you do have stepping stones to get there. And really it is simply a case of unlocking what’s already inside, however convinced you may be otherwise.

So here are the six traits I’ve consistently encountered in both myself and others that I’ve noticed tend to indicate creative fulfillment, whether in an artistic sense or in a more general creative mindset. The best thing about these traits? We all already possess them; all that’s required is a decision to cultivate them.


Which really just means asking questions. ‘What does that mean?’, What would happen if I…?’, ‘How can I….?’, ‘How might that translate into…?’ and so on. People who are curious about the world around them and the world within them produce all sorts of exciting ideas that can then be manifested into tangible things.

Willingness to Make Mistakes

Most of us have an ‘inner critic’, and yes it takes practice to cultivate the ability to hear it without giving value to what it tells us. When we’re willing to go ahead and try something in spite of what we might be hearing in our heads or from people around us, and are prepared that it might not turn out as we hoped or planned, we are widening the area of possibility for what can happen.

Experimental Mindset

Related to being curious, I always think of Einstein jumping on light beams to see where they took him, or Edison saying,  ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ First, second, third and even fiftieth attempts may not yield what we’re looking for, but continuing to take steps forward will eventually yield something good, and much more from all the learning done on the way.


Otherwise known as a ‘glass half full’ attitude. One of my favourite phrases to repeat to myself when stuck on a thorny problem is ‘I am solution-minded’. Consistent affirming of this to my subconscious allows me to be more available to a solution that is inspiration-based, rather than forced by my brain. And those are always the best kind of solutions.


I have yet to hear about, or encounter, a creative person who does not struggle. Creativity is a gift we all own and it can be cultivated with a lot less effort than people often think, but that doesn’t mean things always go smoothly, and to reap the rewards we must be prepared to keep slogging away even when it gets difficult.


Self kindness is pretty much the key to everything as far as I can tell. Making a concerted, and consistent {it’s not a one-time thing} effort to put aside the doubts and criticisms from inside and out, and replacing them with kindness, means a smoother, and more importantly, more enjoyable route to where we want to go.

What could you do today to take a step towards a more creatively happy you? Start asking questions? Be a little kinder to yourself for perceived failures? Try something in a different way?

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