5 Ways You’re Creative Even When You Think You’re Not

A completed guest room is a product of creativity.
Setting up your physical spaces is a form of creativity.

Sometimes you may think you’re not creative.

The well may have run dry on your regular creative practice, or maybe you’re one of those people who proclaims they “couldn’t draw a stick figure even if they tried” (though I bet you you could).

The good news is, there are many forms of creativity other than the traditional art-making, word-wrangling, music-writing kind.

In fact, here are five forms of creativity I can think of right now that you most likely encounter on a regular basis:

1. Puttering

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of puttering. Puttering is open-ended, it’s spontaneous and it’s often very productive. Puttering usually involves moving things from one state to another or creating something that wasn’t there before: a pie gets baked, a closet goes from a state of chaos to one of order, hand-written notes morph from intention to paper. Puttering also involves what-ifs and experimenting, two aspects present in any creative process.

2. Cooking

Creative cooking is not my forte, I like to follow a recipe. My husband? He’s the type of person who will use the recipe as a starting point, if that, and add a pinch of this and a pinch of that along the way to make things taste “just so.” In my book if you do that, you’re creative.

3. Setting up house

Setting up your physical spaces – whether it’s your home, your studio or your cubicle, involves creative thinking. You’re designing a space and systems to support what you do. What colors are you going to choose? Where will you place your pencil holder so it a) serves its practical function and b) meets your criteria for aesthetics? What will you put on your walls to feed your soul and make you happy? Creative!

4. Choosing what to wear

This one is easy to overlook, but pulling together colors, patterns, textures and accessories according to how you’re feeling or even better, how you want to feel, is definitely a form of creativity. If you don’t believe me just check out these Fabulous Fashionistas and see if your opinion might be swayed.

5. Planning

Planning may seem counter-intuitive to creating, but bear with me. Planning your meals for the week? You are creating a menu. Planning your vacation? You are creating an itinerary. Even when you’re planning a piece of work or a project, you’re inventing something from scratch – a process or steps – to make it happen. When you plan, you imagine an end product or a desired state and you create your path to get there.

You see? Five ways you’re already creative without ever having to draw a stick figure!

Surely there are more examples of covert creativity out there, what would you add to the list?

One thought on “5 Ways You’re Creative Even When You Think You’re Not

  1. Excellent Stephanie! This is right up my street, as you know. :) I would add tending and arranging a garden, or houseplants, even if you don’t think of yourself as having a particularly green thumb. I find that since learning the basics of pruning, and even just sweeping the deck and hanging out with my plants a bit, it’s not just creating a lovely outside space, but it also creates that inner space where new ideas can come up.

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