5 Ways to Spread Good in the World

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If we look at the media on any given day the story can seem pretty grim – so much sadness and hard times – but on a personal level we can affect so much positive change on a daily basis. Simple acts and gestures can make all the difference in the lives of the people we connect with each day.

Here are five simple things we can all do to bring more good into this world.

1. Smile.

Mother Teresa said “Peace begins with a smile.” Never underestimate the power of a smile. It can defuse a tense situation, connect you with others, brighten the mood, signal that all is well.

2. Look people in the eye.

Most of us are longing to be seen and heard. No matter how little we have to give we can always give this – complete attention when someone is talking with us, acknowledging those we come across in our day, pausing to connect fully even if just for a moment.
Let others feel seen.

3. Ask if someone needs a hand/what do they need.

And listen.
Often we worry we won’t really be of enough help. Sometimes we don’t want to get involved.
Lending a helping hand can make all the difference to another person.
Acts of service and kindness need not be big. Sometimes all that is needed is some of our time, a kind heart, understanding, someone to share a hot drink with while they talk.

4. Check in – let someone know you are thinking of them.

Life is moving so fast these days. As speedy as our communications are we often forget to stop and check in. When you think of someone let them know. Everyone likes to feel special and remembered. Get in touch, send a card, pick up the phone and say hello.

5. Keep the peace.

For many of us we can get caught up in wanting to be right. It feels like a “win” but really we lose in the long run. Choose to let it go, choose to be happy rather than right.

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