5 Ways Instagram Can Enrich Your Life

heartstone_tara_leaverI know that might sound a bit silly, but bear with me; I have discovered that something that might seem shallow or unnecessarily distracting can actually bring more depth and vibrancy to your life in unexpected ways.

Do you use Instagram? At this point it’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t, although it took me ages to really ‘get it’. I thought it was just another social media thing I didn’t want to get involved with because I already had overwhelm in that department. Funny how these things creep up on you.

These are five real experiences that Instagram has brought me that I couldn’t have imagined – and would have missed out on – had I not taken the plunge.


Connection is one of my highest values, as I’m sure it is most people’s, and as an introvert I don’t always feel like face to face interaction. Being able to check in with like minded souls, artists and friends in a quick and accessible way can help me feel instantly connected to something greater when I need to feel less isolated.

Instagram, and its inspiring, funny and personal images, connects me not just to other artists and new {and old!} friends, but also to the world around me, to myself, my day, and my environment. It can be a wonderful lesson in mindfulness and being present to all the good in your life.


Practising gratitude is hugely popular in many of our circles these days, with good reason. I find that Instagram refines my vision, so I notice more of what’s around me. The details, the things that might have otherwise passed me by, things that remind me to be here now and point to the incredible abundance of good things in my life.

Seeing Things in a New Way

I recently posted a photo of my desk area lit up with fairy lights, and the response to it made me see it in a whole new way. What had been an attempt to brighten up a dreary day became a new perspective on how gorgeous and cosy my workspace is with the mere addition of some twinkly lights.

Sharing my paintings, particularly when I’m not sure about them or can’t be objective about them any more, can really help me see them with fresh eyes when others find things to love in them.


I sometimes take screenshots of images that inspire me and use them to play in my sketchbook. I prefer not to directly copy, but I love to have my imagination sparked with ideas which I can combine and alter to my heart’s content, and really make them my own.

What’s more, by following people who aren’t necessarily artists, I have access to a whole different vision of the world and source of inspiration.


Some days when I’m in a grump or feeling a bit low, seeing something funny or sweet or interesting in my Instagram feed can help me return to a happier mood. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring us back ~ someone’s dog doing something hilarious, or a picture of their baby sleeping, or a spectacular sunset.

Are you on Instagram? Have you found it to have some unexpected side effects that make your days just that little bit better? 

2 thoughts on “5 Ways Instagram Can Enrich Your Life

  1. I just started on instagram and love it…everyday photos of my dog, plus as the year continues it shall be a little dairy of happy times – take that chronic depression. Love the silly way we dog owners talk through our pets..so cute and silly…there’s always something funny and inspirational to see.

  2. Yes exactly Carrie! I love the dog photos. You might like to follow Harlow and Sage. So adorable I can hardly bear it! So glad it’s proving something that’s helping you through depression. I’ve been there and you can’t underestimate the power of small daily actions. And you’re right; it really does become a little diary of sorts; I love looking back through my feed. Wishing you well. <3

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