5 Things You Need to Do Today to Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

  1. Stop making excuses. We all do it.
    “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”
    “I don’t have time.”
    “I’m scared to try something new.”
    “What if I fail?”
    Stop making excuses for why you can’t follow through with your dreams and start making those dreams a reality.
  2. Get scared. Being scared of following your dreams is perfectly natural. Allow yourself to get scared of your dreams today, but push through those fears and turn them into actions.
    If it scares you, it will be totally worth the ride.
  3. Plan your day. Or your week, month, or year. Create milestones and goals for yourself. Start small – something you can complete today. Then think about tomorrow. And the next day. And next year. Think long-term. Think bigger. And go do it.
  4. Utilize your support system. Your spouse, parents, family, and friends – allow them to encourage you and lift you up like they want to do. Absorb their inspiration and compliments. Their words can push you further when you just don’t have it in you anymore.
  5. Become a doer. The best way to see your dreams become a reality is to do something. Stop sitting there. Go do something. You’ll get nowhere by just thinking about it. So get up right now and go do something before the day is over.


2 thoughts on “5 Things You Need to Do Today to Follow Your Dreams

  1. Well explained Amanda, We all tend to look for the easy way out which means staying in our comfort zone, when in reality facing your fears and taking action is more rewarding :)

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