5 Steps to Creative Project Completion

5 Steps to Finish Your Project

You have a lot of ideas. So many that it seems like none of them ever go from idea to finished project.

” I have too many ideas!” you say. “I don’t have enough time!” you protest. That’s all of us, sister.

But there’s actually no such thing as “too many ideas.” There’s just “too many ideas to make all of them happen at once.” If you’re ready to go beyond lip-service and really commit to seeing one of those ideas to completion, here are 5 things you can do to get ‘er done:

  1. Make this your one thing. Put your other ideas on hold. Say “no” to reading new books, taking new courses, starting new projects. This is it. Put a ring on it and you’ll be amazed at how much time you suddenly have to devote to it. Also, observe how often you’d prefer to choose a distraction over working on your one thing. Fight the urge and honor your commitment.
  2. Set a public launch date. There is nothing more motivating than a deadline. All the inspiration in the world has never served me as well as announcing, publicly, when a project will be completed. In fact, this is how I wrote my last ebook. “Book is coming August 1!” And by golly, it did.
  3. Give yourself a little more time than you think you’ll need. When you make your deadline public, make sure you’ve factored in a little breathing room. People get sick, computers break, pets need emergency trips to the vet. Budget a wee bit more time than you think you’ll need, and then stick firm to that deadline.
  4. Set milestones. “Write book” is a pretty daunting item to see on the to-do list. Break your big project down into small, unintimidating pieces. “Make outline” and “write intro rough draft” are far more achievable tasks. It helps to give these little bits their own deadlines, too.
  5. Bake in accountability. Setting your public deadline is a big accountability move, but it also helps to have check-ins along the way. Get an accountability partner, work with a mastermind group, or hire a coach. Don’t rely on your spouse or best friend to do this for you. Choose someone who will challenge you, who you don’t want to disappoint, who will ask tough questions, and can make suggestions along the way.

Those people who always seems to be getting things done? They’re doing some version of this. Will you become one of them?

Start right now. In the comments, tell us ONE project you’re ready to commit to and make happen.

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