5 Inspirations about Seasonal Change


With the autumn equinox quickly approaching in just a few short days, I realized I’ve started changing some of my habits without even realizing it. It’s a refreshing feeling when the seasons begin to change – the leaves turn, the air becomes crisper, and we begin craving apple butter and homemade stew in place of fresh salads and ice cream. I find myself craving these changes subconsciously without even becoming aware of how these changes affect our creativity and inspiration.

Here are my 5 top inspirations when the seasons change. Feel free to add to the list in the comments below!

  1. Color Theory. As a visual thinker, I become so inspired by the warmer, golden hues of the leaves, the richer tones of our clothing choices, and the bold tones of the foods we choose over the bright colors from the summer months.
  2. Wardrobe Choice. With the cooler mornings and evenings, I’m more creative with my wardrobe choice in the autumn months. It’s also refreshing to have a “new” wardrobe of cardigans, sweaters, and leggings to choose from over the previous months’ swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts.
  3. Food Selection. The beginning of autumn is always a welcome challenge for me food-wise. I’ve been so accustomed to months of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits that it’s nice to get creative with homemade stews, casseroles, and roasted vegetables.
  4. Home Decor. When the air becomes crisper, I naturally want to make the inside of my home feel warmer with the smell of cinnamon sticks lingering throughout the house, cozy handmade quilts, and decor with richer colors and texture.
  5. Schedule Changes. One of my favorite things about changing seasons is the opportunity to mix-up my schedule a bit. Even though I’m engaging in the same activities, it feels new and different to do them at a different time of day. For instance, going on a run mid-day instead of early morning or having a cup of coffee instead of a cup of lemonade mid-afternoon.

What are your favorite seasonal changes? Do you prefer the cooler or warmer months?

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