30 Seconds with Sofia Masri

sofia masri - porcelain earrings

sofia masri - porcelain earrings

i was so thrilled to meet sofia masri this weekend at the buyers market of american craft in philadelphia. sofia specializes in porcelain jewelry and i like to think of her shop as a candy store of brilliant colors, shapes, & designs.

oh, and i even got to meet her super talented – and lovely – mom, too!

got 30 seconds? check out this video of sofia explaining her passion for porcelain jewelry.

btw, i’m really hoping to catch a bunch of these video clips with crafters on the circuit this summer. if you’re out & about in the mid-atlantic area, watch for me and my crazy iphone camera!

7 thoughts on “30 Seconds with Sofia Masri

      1. i’m hoping i can get down there too! if not, i will DEFINITELY get down to another baltimore area show this summer.

        thanks for stopping by!

    1. thanks, amanda! yes, i figure i can get a few week’s worth of content at art star alone!

      in the meantime… i need to get much much better at imovie 😉

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