30 Days of Creative Prompts

30 Days of Creative Prompts

As creatives, it’s not always as easy to stay inspired as non-creatives probably think it is. The great thing about creativity, though, is that it’s like a muscle. The more you work it, the easier it is to stay inspired and connected with your creative work.

I want March to be your most creative month yet! So, I’ve compiled a list of 30 creative prompts for you (you get a one-day pass…let’s use yesterday as our pass, shall we?). The great thing is you get to be, well, creative with these! Are you a painter? Use these prompts to inspire a painting or sketchbook series. Are you a writer? Use these to develop a character or poem or short story. Are you a sculptor? Use these to build a new model. Also think about the type of materials you are using, and try to expand your horizons that way, too. If you typically write your short stories on a computer, use a pen and paper for some of the prompts. If you usually paint with acrylics, try testing out watercolors or oils. If you typically draw in your sketchbook with pen and ink, try charcoals or colored pencils.

Here’s to getting inspired and building your creative muscle in just one month!

  1. Today I will do one thing to change the world. That one thing will be…
  2. Turn all sounds off and/or tune out any surrounding noises. Sit quietly for a minute, not thinking about anything in particular. Open your eyes and draw/write/paint/sculpt the first thing you saw in your head.
  3. Get creative with the first thing you hear right this very second.
  4. Draw/write/get creative with your current mood.
  5. What do you want more of? Draw/write/sculpt/paint/journal about it.
  6. What do you want less of? Draw/write/sculpt/paint/journal about it.
  7. You have one superpower for only 24 hours. What is it and what do you do with it?
  8. Today is the last day of your life that you have a creative bone in your body. When you wake up tomorrow, you will have no sense of your current creative talents. What is the last thing you will ever create?
  9. Find your favorite quote or poem. Pull one word out of it. Get creative with that word.
  10. What are your ideal surroundings? Depict them in your dream landscape.
  11. What is one bad habit you have? Depict that habit in a positive way.
  12. Depict what you think you were doing exactly 10 years ago today.
  13. Get creative with the last conversation you had.
  14. If you only had $7 to spend freely today, what would it be on?
  15. How do you feel when you are laughing? Get creative with that feeling.
  16. What’s your favorite food or recipe? Depict it with lots of flowery language or flourished details.
  17. Get creative with one thing you strongly believe in and how you think it changes the world.
  18. What would your luckiest day in the world look like?
  19. What do you think you’ll be doing in exactly 5 months?
  20. If three of your favorite writers or artists got together, what would they be doing?
  21. Google photos from your favorite era. Choose one and depict the story behind the photo.
  22. Write down a color, a food, and a time of day. Depict these three things in one cohesive drawing/painting/story/sculptor, etc.
  23. Pick up a book or magazine that is nearby. Close your eyes, open it to a random page, and point on the page. Read the sentence your finger is on and create something using that sentence.
  24. Use a piece of scrap paper to write or draw something in front of you right now.
  25. What are your feelings and mood on the current weather in your area?
  26. Choose one of the previous prompts on this list. Re-draw or re-write it in a completely different style, even if it’s not comfortable for you.
  27. Using a thick Sharpie or pen, make a “blob” or scribble shape on a piece of scrap paper. Now, creatively depict what that shape looks like or reminds you of.
  28. Think about how your own creative style has developed over the years. Draw or write a timeline or series of sketches/paintings, etc. that shows how your style has come to be what it is today.
  29. In detail, creatively depict what you’ve eaten today.
  30. Fill a sketchbook page with doodles of anything that comes to mind. Fill the entire page. If you’re a writer, fill the page with words that come to mind – keywords that can possibly be used to create a short story or as inspiration for other projects.

Looking for more creative inspiration? 50 Shades of Creativity inspires you to create based on color!

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Creative Prompts

  1. I love these prompts! When I’m stuck in a rut – creative or otherwise, I always find it useful to be told what to do – even though I rebel against that in every other life situation! Plan to try some of these this month :)

  2. Just came across your article today. These are some great prompts! I think these will be a huge help in getting out of my creative rut. I plan to try some of these in the coming weeks. Thank you!

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