3 New Traditions for the Holidays

One thing that makes the holiday season so special is participating in traditions with your family and friends. But a little novelty is nice, too. Maybe it’s time to start a new tradition.

3 New Traditions for the Holidays

Here are 3 kinds of traditions you can start this year:

1. Find a new favorite recipe

I think I happened upon a new Thanksgiving tradition this year when I tried a different dressing recipe. Is there a fun drink, appetizer, or side dish that would be fun to try out? My favorite sources of holiday food inspiration are Linda’s Itailian Table, Real Simple, and Seasoned to Taste.

2. Start a new act of service

Make someone else’s holiday brighter. From taking food to neighbors to donating toys to volunteering at community events, it just feels good to give. Go to VolunteerMatch.com to find volunteer opportunities near you.

3. Start a new activity

You can get all Martha making gingerbread houses and decorations, but you could just as easily go bowling on Christmas Eve or have a Harry Potter marathon. Find something that the whole family can look forward to. And if one year you want to mix it up, just start a new tradition!

What are your favorite holiday traditions, and what’s a new tradition you’d like to try this year?

One thought on “3 New Traditions for the Holidays

  1. My kind, blunt children let me know that the screeching of voices guided by our out-of-tune piano was driving guests outside during the after-dinner caroling sessions at our house. My daughter especially begged for us to go cold-turkey and halt the practice. I was crushed. Then, I realized that we could change up the order of events during Christmas dinner and ask our musical friends to arrive a half hour early, to enjoy singing without all those sensitive ears to worry about. Sure, I was out of the kitchen a little more than the optimal amount of time needed to monitor last-minute prep before the meal, but it was worth it to sing with abandon, and enjoy the sweet harmony of friends.

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