where craftiness comes from: where it takes you

When I first started this column over a year ago, I was interested in finding out where our creativity actually comes from. Was it our upbringing or formal education? Was it just natural or something that we have to find for ourselves? The answer is not as clear as I[Read more]

Quitting Money: crazy? or free? or crazy free?

My relationship with money has been evolving. In large part due to running a creative business, I’ve gotten more comfortable with money. I’m more involved, more responsible, more aware. I enjoy spending and earning money in ways that feel good. Still, sometimes I fantasize about not needing money at all.[Read more]

The Courage to Prosper

Money is an emotional issue. It has to do with our deepest survival instincts. Some people are obsessed with money and measure their complete personal worth through their bank account, while others reject money as a source of evil, greedy, nasty capitalist values. How to have a healthy, balanced relationship[Read more]