where craftiness comes from: lakshmi

Lakshmi is an architect and mother of two, living in Australia but originally from India. Recently, we caught up to discuss where her craftiness comes from. Lakshmi is the artist behind Studio Lakshmi, where she shares her beautiful paintings. Her earliest memory of being creative is as a child, when[Read more]

Art to Inspire: Good Things Grow

You’ve probably been overwhelmed with an endless supply of turkey, stuffing, and sales over the long weekend, so I am going to cut right to the chase for today’s art to inspire… If you’ve ever compared yourself to someone else, maybe compared your shop/small business/blog to someone else’s, I think you[Read more]

Building Your Creative Bookshelf

We all know that our creative inner artists are children. That explains why we are easily amused, love sweet things, and enjoy walks (or strolls or romps or rolls) outside. But have you supplied that child with books that nurture her creative spirit? I didn’t embrace my creative bookshelf until[Read more]

sponsor feature: crywolf clothing

We love our sponsors! Today, get to know more about Stephanie and Rose of Crywolf Clothing! Stephanie Drabik and Rose Chang are the ladies behind Crywolf, a fantastically quirky line of handprinted tees, tanks, buttons, and accessories. They work together out of their studio in Toronto and print each shirt[Read more]

Commit Small Acts of Random Abundance

If you live in the United States, chances are that today you have plans to gather ’round a giant turkey (or Tofurky!) with your loved ones and enjoy a feast. A giant celebration of abundance, indulgence, and maybe even a nap, too. Taking a day to celebrate the bounty of[Read more]