2010 Eco-DIY New Year’s Resolutions :: by Victoria Klein

A new year is a new opportunity to take creativity into our own hands. There’s no better time to try that craft you’ve been eyeing all these years. For me, that is a long list! I’ve resolved to make 2010 my ultimate sustainable DIY year, trying my hand at …

crafty new year's resolutions

(1) Working the (Potter’s) Wheel

Why would anyone put off trying pottery? I’ve been asking myself the same thing, especially after I purchased a mug from Stephanie Kao.

(2) Knitting on a Curve

After knitting nothing but scarves for 3 years, it’s time to learn more. Hats, sweaters, and mittens, oh my! HardySupplyCo sells some gorgeous organic cotton yarn (my fav!) from Holland.

(3) Eco-Caring for my Kitty

I love my cat almost as much as I love my husband, so he deserves to live a healthy lifestyle too. A kit from Eco-Me will help me make my own flea & tick spray, litter freshener, and pet treats. (They have a dog version too.)

(4) Sewing the Basics

Making your own napkins, pillowcases, & t-shirts can’t be that tough, can it? Lotta Jansodotter’s Simple Sewing book will be my guide.

eco-friendly new year's resolutions

(5) Vegan Cupcakes Galore

I’m a sucker for sweets & highly enjoy baking my own. In an effort to reduce my dairy consumption (go away, acne!), it’s time to try baking some vegan cupcakes & brownies. Enter the BabyCakes NYC cookbook.

(6) Cross-a-Stitch or Two

Grammy was the first person to introduce me to crafts, especially cross-stitching. After almost 2 decades, I’m ready to give it another go. I highly enjoyed it the first time & will enjoy it even more with Atlantic Treefox as my inspiration.


Need to do more crafts? Check. Need to eat more produce? Check. Solve two problems with one solution: Evelyn Field’s DIY pattern for 6 snack bags.

(8) Bringing the Green Inside

Terrariums are all the rage lately, but the concept is centuries old. Before spring has sprung & all my attention goes to my mum’s garden, I’m going to try making my own mini-nature scene. My manual: The New Terrarium by Tovah Martin.

What will you be dabbling in during 2010?

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Victoria Klein is a freelance writer + photographer (visit her Etsy shop) + creative dabbler. She recently released her first photo book, A San Francisco Era: 2006-2009. In 2010, she’s releasing an introductory guide to yoga with Turner Publishing.

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